A downloadable game for Windows

Purity - a game made in 4 days for a one week jam.

Following a brief, the game jam games must replicate the 2600 Atari game Berzerk, while adding influences of a designated artist. I received Herrad of Landsberg.

Hoard a high-score and beat your friends in this progressive action game!


  • Remember, as it is a recreation of Berzerk - walls kill you!
  • Heaven doors are safe
    • They will make the game slow down a bit but reduce your score modifier.
  • Hell doors are dangerous!
    • They will increase the game speed but increase your score modifier!
  • There are a number of powerups, you'll have to find them to work out what they do.
  • Watch out, someone is watching patiently: but they can only wait so long.


  • Download, unzip, run exe and play!

Also, shoutout to Brendan for the page background inspiration.

If you have the time, please fill out this questionnaire so I can continue to polish the game:



Purity_Alpha_08.zip 13 MB


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Hello! I really liked your game, it was super fun to play and was wonderfully done! I made a let's play of your game here~

Hi! Wow, that's so humbling - thank-you for playing my game! I would love to go back and make it a little bit easier to control and make the difficulty more mechanical and less artificial. You did really well, it is such a hard game!

You're more than welcome! I had a great time with it so the difficulty wasn't too bad, but thank you all the same  :)

Hi Kayhryn, I just released another game over at https://remembrancestudios.itch.io/remembrancehttps://remembrancestudios.itch.io/remembrance which is a lot more developed than this - you may enjoy it!

Your game looks awesome! I'll be sure to give it a play within the next few days :D